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First National Congress on Osteopathic Medicine

"Scientists meet Osteopaths: towards a Systemic Medicine"

Con il Patrocinio:

Dipartimento di Malattie
Prof. Saverio Giovanni Condò

Università Tor Vergata
Master in Medicina Naturale
Prof. Saverio Giovanni Condò

Ordine Provinciale dei Medici
Chirurghi e Odontoiatri di Roma

Registro degli Osteopati D'Italia
Pres.: D.O. Eduardo Rossi

Associazione Italiana per la Rieducazione Occluso-Posturale
Pres.: D.O. Eduardo Rossi

Centro delle Ricerche Olistiche per la Medicina Osteopatica e Naturale

Accademia Italiana di Terapia Osteopatica Posturale
Pres.: Ft. Giovanni Moccia




Details for the preparation of the Scientific Poster -  June 20th Congress

» Create a PPT file  (Power Point)
» Page size: 100 cm x 70 cm
» Divide the page into sections;
»Write at the bottom of the Poster:
-Published for:
Primo Congresso Nazionale di Medicina Osteopatica: La Clinica incontra l'Osteopatia: verso una "Medicina Sistemica" 20-22 Giugno 2008 - ROMA

» Put your name, your supervisor’s name, your tutor,  the school’s director, the school name, the thesis or the research details.
» Attach the bibliography and the websites  (small fonts: 14-20)
» Font to be used: between 30 and 40
» Use little text, only to highlight key concepts.
» Use titles  (font: 40-50), subtitles, legends (font: 20-25)  in order to better explain the ideas
» Use a lot of images and photos (graphics, illustrations, tables)
» If the documentation is too wide, create two posters instead of filling one too much
» We advise to use the zoom often, so you can check the text with the 100% resolution and an overview of the work by using the 20% resolution.
» Use colours, pointers etc to facilitate the reader to follow the presentation
» You can also use a bigger page (140 x 100 cm) but afterwards it is more difficult and expensive to print, transport and hang it.
» When the file is ready print it in A4 size to have an overview of the work
» Bring it to a print shop  (to facilitate the printing, save the file in BITMAP, TIFF and  GIF format so if they can read only one kind, you will have it) and print two copies of the 100X70 size and about 20 copies of the A4, for those attending the congress who may wish to keep it.

» Send to the Segreteria Scientifica at least 15 days before the congress: A.I.R.O.P. / Fondazione L.U.Me.N.Oli.S. in Via Aurelia 386, 00165 Roma tel/fax +

»The PPT original file and the GIF, TIFF AND BMP versions (it’s better to send a cd or a dvd via post)

»A copy of the 100 x 70 cm poster

For further info:
Cristina +39.348.049.57.20 –  

»For scientific help and info:
Dr. Paolo Tozzi +39.348.69.81.064 -
Dott. Paolo Zavarella D.O. +39.335.81.22.955 +39.06.977.499 /.900